If you read the Belarusian word “Кроў”, it will sound like “crow”. Translated from Belarusian it means “blood”. This is a nickname of the most mysterious Belarusian rap singer. He hides his face behind a black mask and creates politically explosive lyrics – in Belarusian language. The new issue of the leading German hip-hop magazine “Backspin” publishes a 3-page article about the Krou and the Belarusian music scene.

The pictures for the article were taken by Andrej Liankevich, the photojournalist of “Nasha Niva” (take a look at his photoblog here). The reporting is done by Ingo Petz, one of the most Belarus-experienced German journalists. Unlike many Western journalists, who dive into the Belarusian reality for a couple of days and then come up with horror stories, which all start with something like “Belarus, the last dictatorship in Europe”, Ingo Petz really knows this country and avoids popular clichés and mistakes. The article is an unobtrusive “politinformation” about Belarus for German teenagers wearing baseball caps and baggy jeans.

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