The lady at the desk was wearing a thick layer of makeup and searched my name in the list of voters, slowly going over the names with her red-nailed finger. She did it once, twice, without any success.

“I don’t see your name in the list”, she said, gazing into my passport, in order to check my address. “How can it be?” Her colleague got interested and looked in my direction with a puzzled expression on her face.

“I don’t know, why I am not in the list”, I said. “The members of your commission called me at least three times. They wanted to know whether I was going to go to vote and whether I existed at all”.

Do you exist?” asked the lady seriously.

“Oh yes, I do exist”, I assured her.

The lady chuckled and handed me the ballot.

“Will the members of your family also go to vote?” she called me, when I was already heading to the polling booth.

“That’s their personal matter, isnt’ it?” I answered and quickly hid behind the curtain.

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